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Addiction Consultancy and Treatment

Bespoke Addiction Treatment Program  and Comprehensive Psychological Therapy for Rebuilding your Life.

Professional Help


Edward Conn is an experienced clinician specialising in alcohol recovery, substance misuse and rehabilitation.


A qualified counsellor and psychotherapist with a background in complex substance misuse and dual diagnosis, he specialises in effective and focused treatment procedures for compulsive and addictive behaviours around alcohol, substance misuse, gambling, sexual compulsion and internet use and more.


He draws on many years of experience to bring achievable recovery to his clients and offers a comprehensive service that addresses all aspects of addiction treatment. 



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Services Offered

What We Do

We offer a comprehensive and flexible client focused approach to all aspects of alcohol, drug addiction or compulsive behavior and recovery in the Durham and the North of England region.

Similarly, support is offered for gambling issues and other compulsive or uncontrolled and damaging behaviour including internet pornography and sexual compulsions.

From the initial process of consultation we devise specific tailored treatment packages depending on individual client needs and focus these toward achievable and shared goals of recuperation and support. 

Psychology Session

"Unique, dynamic and in depth treatment of your issues, by a consultant with 25 years of experience in addiction issues"


What Clients Say


"I had been struggling with food addiction for several years, I had seen multiple counsellors and doctors during that time and never made progress. My time with Ed has been totally different to previous experiences. With an approach that allowed me to understand the root of my problem and highlighted exactly what steps I needed to take before it all began to fall in place. I now have found  a totally different perspective around myself, through food and within myself. Ed has a great mix of a friendly and professional attitude that makes opening up and being honest much easier to do. I am so thankful for the lessons Ed has taught me and I could not recommend him enough."

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If no response by phone/text within 12 hours, please follow up with an email. This is due to technical issues.

Call Us:

07830 444 920
Our Locations

Operating in:

  • Durham

  • Newcastle

  • Middlesbrough.

Offering Service

National and international online therapy available via Skype for overseas clients.

More Info

We offer the highest level of professional support and quick response to your needs. Appointments arranged at short notice and your well being prioritised from day one.

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