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Psychologist's Office

Addiction and Recovery

A Tailormade Approach

Over the last few years we have developed an intensive accelerated method of tackling many types of addictive behavior in a rapid and targeted manner.

A one to one intensive therapeutic program allows us to concentrate decades of clinical practice with complex addictive conditions into highly individualised goal and task based hourly sessions. Each session is calibrated toward an end goal and is part of an unfolding progressive method to break down and replace malignant and destructive behavior. 

In the program some of the things we focus on and develop are: 

  • New ways of thinking that exist outside of the realm of addiction.

  • Slowing down to decipher compulsive cues to use - dismantling and integrating triggers.

  • What is the nature of reality and what does life want from you and you from it?

  • How to set your focus and your desire on life itself.

  • Mastering relationships whilst  identifying who cares about you. 

  • Learning the art of self care. 

  • Discovering who you really are and building a strong trusted relationship with yourself.

  • Using your imagination to see a future and work toward realising it and becoming it.

Included within this we also integrate and develop the following:​

  • Harm reduction 

  • Impulse identification

  • Triggers

  • Relationships 

  • Life balance 

  • Life development

  • Self awareness  

  • Self compassion 

  • Impulse control

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Mental clarity 

  • Trauma resolution

  • Retraining dopamine/reward pathways 

  • Creating new healthy behavior seeking 

  • Understanding and using mental and emotional states 

  • Weekly goal setting and learning points 

  • Realising ambitions and quality of life

  • Developing resilience 


The programs working philosophy and method  focuses on dismantling the patterned base upon which addictive habits and choices and been established and replacing them with healthy worldly orientated healthy behavior. This is not a simple behavior replacement, but a carefully detailed way to re balance and prioritise through stimulation the innate qualities of the human body for survival, development and enhancement - this is our evolutionary birthright. And can be tapped into for deep and long lasting developmental change.

The program runs for eight week sessions and is designed to allow people to carry on with their day to day lives including work, but to access and work through an incentivised and intensive deeply transformational psychological treatment.

Within this, the weekly sessions will deliver recognisable change and learning points from the very beginning. 

This gives individuals control back over their care and they become a part of their own process.


The program is a 'root and branch' approach to tackling years/decades of habituated behavior. It is highly charged with dramatically new ways of looking at lifestyle choices around addiction and energised by creative thinking, planning and practical methods that are grounded in day to day challenges.  The goal of the program is to give control back to the individual and facilitate them during the course of treatment to realise and achieve a rich, balanced and fulfilling life.


For a more comprehensive and thorough explanation please get in contact to book an assessment.

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