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Pornography Addiction


Sexual issues in relation to online pornography have increased in direct relation to increased availability due to internet access to pornography. This creates a specific area of compulsive behaviour related to internet use. However it is not the only type of sexually related compulsion. 


Addictive behaviour of any sort which creates distress, is damaging to relationships or self is deemed concerning. 

The specific nature of any behaviour needs to be addressed in accordance to how it manifests for that person alone. 


Sexual behaviour can be utilised as a way of managing deeper personal unhappiness. In doing so, it offers a temporary change in mood state and a fleeting sense of being in control. Yet what it disguises is exactly the opposite and is or can be, a type of acting out in relation to current life problems or historical ones that are unresolved. 


Consultation and therapy can offer a safe and confidential place within which to manage, hold and discuss relavant issues and begin the process of working through and working toward a more stable and self supportive manner of living. A comprehensive approach that includes a focusing on what one wants from life as well as helping support and resolve previous vulnerabilities can have a transformative effect and allow someone to lead a healthier and more controlled lifestyle. 

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