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Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Misuse

Binge drinking or episodic drinking to extreme can often be one of the harder conditions to treat conventionally. However, through many years of practice we have been able to ascertain specific underlying patterns and issues which contribute to binge drinking and as a result of this shed light on someones behaviour in a way that was not understood previously. 


Binge drinking presents specific risks to individuals which can be very harmful health wise or can lead to tragic events to occur through diminished responsibility. 


Often this specific type of drinking is overlooked as high risk, but it is possibly the most common form of malignant drinking behaviour by otherwise functional adults and deserves therefore to be taken seriously and once understood an approach to self control and recovery put in place. 


To understand binge drinking, basic and essential elements of emotional functioning need to be explained and understood, this then becomes the basis of establishing a program of recovery and life improvement. Binge drinking is often symbolic of lack of balance in someones life and points the direction for the management of extremes to establish better self control.  

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