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Psychologist's Office

Cannabis Addiction


Cannabis use has become so widespread and normalised in the last 10 years that the side effects and cost of long term use and dependency often get minimised and misunderstood. 


Psychological dependency is the predominant mode of addiction, however, as hybridization has produced strains with predominantly only tetrahydrocannibinol (THC) as its active component, physical dependency can also emerge, leading to physical as well as psychological withdrawal and added complexity to made attempts on reduction/cessation of use. 


Cannabis like most drugs has a very seductive attraction to use - due to its easy ability to harmonise with everyday life, it belies the cost long term use can have on personal development and advancement in life. 


Added concerns with cannabis use associated with high THC strains is the added propensity to catalise psychosis. Understood as a temporary (drug induced) or ongoing break from reality. Susceptibility to psychoses can be attributed to a number of factors including genetic, social, environmental and psychological. 

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